Tips to crack interview

Important information & tips to crack UPSC Interview or Personality Test

The third and the last step for becoming an IAS officer is to clear the Interview round successfully, and for this, there are certain essential things which have to be understood by the candidate and even followed very seriously.

The following are the documents which the candidates have to carry:-

  1. Fill the questionnaire:-

There is a seven-page questionnaire which has to be filled and then submitted at the time of the interview. This booklet comprises about the information of the background of the candidate which is rigorously scrutinized by the research and analysis department of the UPSC. This questionnaire is fragmented into the following sections:-

  1. Past details about the candidate
  2. Work Experience
  3. How many have civil services exams been attempted in the past?
  4. How many and which competitive exams have been cleared?
  5. Why want to join Civil Services?
  6. Which were the main subjects taken in college?
  7. Details about the Parents or the entrusted Guardian
  8. Which source was chosen to know about civil Services?
  9. Name of the center from where preparation was done.
  10. Which optional subject was chosen?
  11. Attestation Form:-

This form has to be correctly filled with all the relevant information and have to be signed by the Gazette Officer and then submitted at the time of the interview.

Which questions were asked in the Personality test or Interview?

All the candidates are given a questionnaire and the candidates have to fill them and submit once they are called for the interview round. All the candidates should answer all the questions in such a manner, that if they are asked the same question, they can answer it without thinking twice. Before submitting the questionnaire, please go through it thoroughly because for sure few questions are always asked from the questionnaire.

The following are the list of questions which are asked at the time of the interview:-

  1. If any famous personality has the same name or surname as yours.
  2. Why did you choose to become an IAS officer?
  3. There can be cross questions why and how you decided to stick on to IAS.
  4. Questions relating your hobbies, why you like it, by whom you were inspired etc.

5.Questions relating to your college, if you are from IIM or IIT then be ready to answer why you left jobs with handsome salaries and want to join IAS and if you are from any college which is named after any famous personality, then questions can also be asked about them.

  1. If you were doing MBBS and suddenly joined IAS, then they can ask you the reason of this drastic shift. You can be asked that don’t you think it is the very blessed job if you could treat poor human beings for free rather than fighting for IAS chair.
  2. Be thoroughly prepared with the current affairs as questions can be asked to you from any part of the world.
  3. If by chance you have chosen a different optional subject than you opted in the first exam, then you should have a nicely framed answer to it.
  4. You can also be asked role play questions, for instance-what will you do if you become the SP of Jammu & Kashmir, how will curb the bomb blast, etc.


Which qualities are evaluated in the Interview round?

In this round, it is evaluated whether the candidate is well equipped with the qualities of being an excellent administrator. The candidates’ intelligence, alertness, parity of judgment and lastly specific important human attributes like integrity, leadership, and honesty is checked.

According to the Kothari Committee which is authorized by the UPSC have stated the following qualities which are evaluated in the candidate in the interview round:-

  1. Clear vision
  2. Reasoning and analytical ability
  3. How he/she tackles the different views on the same topic
  4. How he can balance a conversation and an argument
  5. Awareness about the social and economic conditions of our country
  6. How well you can comprehend others.

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