Preparatory tips to prepare SOCIOLOGY-UPSC 2018

The following are the points through which you can easily cover the whole syllabus:-

  1. The foremost important step is to fragment the entire syllabus into different parts and then find out the best books according to the topics and remember one thing that doesn’t read the same topic from two different books this will make you confused but if you want to add something valuable to your topic then you should go ahead.
  2. To have a clear idea about the topics and the portion which should be covered it’s a good idea to check the previous year’s question paper, once you know the topics which are commonly asked, just cultivate the habit of writing answers to specific questions, just after completing the particular topic.
  3. Sociology is challenging to be comprehended if you are new to this subject, so just be calm and try to read the chapters and theories thoroughly which will gradually make you aware of the subject.
  4. You have to make notes topic wise and try to make headings and subheadings so that you can understand the subject.
  5. You will always be on the benefits front if you prepare notes as you have to collect data from different sources and then make your notes.
  6. It is essential that you should know how to write good answers which will fetch you good marks, as sociology being a theoretical subject you have to write quality answers and also keep in mind that you have to complete your question paper in time as well.

Tips on writing answers:-

  1. You should learn by heart the headings and its counter headings which are very essential and helps to make the content.
  2. As soon as you complete any topic, build a habit of writing the essential questions of that particular topic.
  3. Once you complete at least five topics, then take the online test and know where your preparations stand.
  4. There is a typical style in which answers are wanted by the examiners, which fetch you good marks, the pattern is- Introduction, Analytical analysis, and the last part is the conclusion.
  5. If you get a chance to merge your answers with different topics in your syllabus, go ahead but just keep in mind that your answers should be relevant and up to the mark.
  6. If you want to improve your answer writing part, then you first have to be knowledgeable about the topic, and accordingly, you should know how to present your answer. For gaining this expertise, you should be well versed in the entire syllabus. After writing the answers get them evaluated by your friends and teachers.