Tips to Clear UPSC/IAS Prelims in First attempt

Tips to Clear UPSC/IAS Prelims in First attempt

Numerous candidates appear for UPSC/IAS /Civil Services exams to wants become an IAS officer in future. To become an IAS officer, you have to clear all the three examination- Prelims, Mains and Interview which is also called the personality test. Undoubtedly you have to prepare rigorously and with utmost dedication, if you want to clear every examination in your first attempt.

The following are the tips through which you can clear UPSC/IAS Prelims in the first attempt:-

1-Comprehend the UPSC pattern and syllabus:-

The questions which are asked in UPSC Prelims are objective type while the descriptive kind of questions is answered in the mains examination. So you don’t have to study in detail for this exam. For proper preparation of the basics, you have to read the NCERT textbooks thoroughly. To get an idea about the format of the questions you can follow the previous year’s question papers.

2-Numerous sources:-

There are multiple sources from where you can get the study materials and read online books by well-known scholars, but you have to select the books from where you will study and never get confused by following many books for one single topic.

3-Current Affairs:-

Inculcate a habit of reading Hindu, times of India, Indian Express or any other magazine which you prefer for reading for current affairs. You can even browse online through the websites of these newspapers on the trending topics in different sectors such as science and technology, socio and economic and national and international issues.

4-Strategic planning & defined goals:-

This point might be a bit confusing with this is the most critical point which is the backbone for clearing prelims in your first attempt. Before you start your preparation you have to plan your timetable appropriately for daily, weekly and monthly basis. Also, plan how many hours you will study daily. With planning, it is also vital that you set goals which you have to scrutinize whether they are accomplished in the stipulated duration of time or not. Through proper planning and set goals you will cover your entire syllabus in time.


The prelims syllabus is very vast, and revision is significant for every topic and subject. It is a very crucial work to revise the entire syllabus before the examination from those fat books. Revision can be best done through the notes; self-made notes are best for revising just before your exam.

6-Practice aptitude test:-

It is vital to practice the aptitude tests which cover the logical reasoning, comprehension, mental ability, etc.  Practicing these tests will help you a lot in clearing the prelims paper in your first attempt.

7-Mock test:-

You have to plan your time in such a manner that you have ample time to give mock tests because once you solve these mock tests, you will be very clear about the questions trends which are asked in the examination. Simultaneously you will know how much time you are taking to solve a question and how you should improve your time management while answering the questions.

8-Doesn’t be a flicker:-

Please don’t lose your patience and give up by just knowing the intensity of the syllabus; preferably you have to be passionate about clearing the whole process of examination to become an IAS.

Just follow the below-listed steps to win over UPSC/IAS/Civil Services exams;-

  1. Study according to the updated pattern
  2. Choose the source of books and study material wisely
  3. Trigger on the current affairs
  4. Proper planning
  5. Set achievable goals
  6. Revision
  7. Practice previous years question papers.
  8. Be dedicated and passionate.


We hope that this article has been helpful to all the IAS/UPSC/Civil Services aspirants you want to clear prelims in the first attempt. We would love to know your views about this article. Your suggestions are always welcome.