Importance of appearing for UPSC Prelims mock tests

Importance of appearing for UPSC Prelims mock tests

UPSC /Civil Services Exam/IAS Prelims exams are very different from the other exams. For clearing such a difficult examination, only knowing is not sufficient, you should be well versed with the trend of questions asked in this examination. You have to inculcate the skills for answering the questions correctly about which you are not even sure to possess these skills you have to practice the appropriate mock test for UPSC. With regular practice for mock tests, you can attain these skills.

The following are the reasons why you should appear for more USC Prelims mock tests:-

1-If your goal is to get 135 marks in the GS Paper 1:-

According to the trend of the previous years, if you get a score of 135 out of 200 marks in the GS Paper 1, then there are fair chances that you can clear your UPSC Prelims. But if there is tough competition then you have to score even more than this score which is a difficult task. The only way to achieve this score is through practicing more and more mock tests. Also if you ask the toppers of UPSC exam, they will agree that mock tests are real saviors.

2-Don’t panic while answering the paper:-

Do you know why most deserving candidates fail to clear the UPSC Prelims? The answer is lack of practice. Just remember one thing if you continuously practice one thing then you will master it. If you have practiced the mock tests beforehand, then you will never be panic instead be composed while answering the questions in spite of negative markings.

3-To grasp the vital part faster:-

UPSC Prelims has a vast syllabus, and there are few topics which are always crucial for the examination. Through these mock tests, you can inculcate the habit of learning the vital portions faster. If you are lucky enough then it may also happen that the questions you have solved come in the examination.

4-To feel the competition before the real exam:-

Appearing to mock tests help you to improve your performance, but with improvement, it is also essential to know how where you stand with rest of the candidates. To know your exact position, you have to appear to the mock tests which are carried on pan India basis which will depict your ranking with candidates who will be appearing with you for the UPSC Prelims.

5-It is a confidence booster for UPSC Mains:-

Once you score high marks in your UPSC Prelims GS Paper 1, then it will not only help you to clear Prelims easily but also works as a confidence booster for your Mains exams. So more you practice the mock tests, your confidence level will be increased,


Practicing mock tests will work like wonders for you for clearing UPSC Prelims. Now just find out the most reliable and effective test series and appear for them and know your position, but keep in mind that these mock tests should be the timed and replica of the original mock tests. Many ias coaching in India have free mock or online test you can even give them to know your preparation status.


We hope that this article has been very helpful and after reading this all the IAS aspirants would undoubtedly attempt for the mock tests and upgrade their performances. We would love to know your views about this article.

Keep Practicing!!!!