How to Write Essay in UPSC/IAS/ Civil Service Main Exam


It is not an easy task to write an essay, you have to possess the appropriate approach and practice to be an expert in it. It is found that numerous candidates take this paper very lightly and end up scoring less compared what they deserve. So if you want to want to get more mark in this paper seriously, then you have to inculcate the skill of writing an error-free essay.

From the nine papers of mains, Essay paper is one of them, and you have to write only two essays with 1000-1200 word limits, you can select your favorite topic from four listed options. Each essay carries 125 marks, and the total marks are 250 marks for both the essays. We are sure you have read a lot about how to get prepared for writing an essay, but in this article, you will be explained how to write an essay for IAS/UPSC/Civil Services Exam.

It is advised that you should follow few steps while you start writing the essay.

Step 1:- Thoroughly read the topic

This step is the most vital step so choose your one topic from the four given options very precisely. You should be aware of the topic which you will be choosing to answer. Never choose a topic which is:-

  1. A controversial or sensitive topic.
  2. the topic which excites you, it means that while writing such an essay, you will forget what to write and what to ignore, and you will land up writing an essay which is not balanced. This essay can never fetch you excellent marks.

Step 2:- Think for a while

When you have selected the topic, never start writing immediately, just wait for a while collecting the thoughts which you have and jot them down with the pencil in bullet points. Once you do this, you will be writing in the correct pattern. For example, if you are writing an essay on the history of India and when you are about to finish the essay you remember that you missed out some vital points, and then it will be too late to add on the essential points. So if you write the rough points beforehand, then you will be safe from making these mistakes.

To gain more marks in this paper, you should follow a definite structure to write an excellent essay; it is as follows:-

  1. Introduction
  2. Inception/ history about the topic
  3. Vital points/pros/cons/incidents etc
  4. Present scenario relating to the subject/
  5. Barriers
  6. Steps to curb the difficulties
  7. Conclusion

If you desire to get more marks then follow the listed steps:-

  1. Applicable phrases or quotes written by famous scholars.
  2. Applicable government policies and legislation
  3. Any integer/figure which may increase the weight of your content.

Vital points to keep in mind while writing an essay:-

  1. Never get very personal while writing.
  2. Never impose your thoughts on the reader.
  3. If you are informing about the problems then also provide specific solutions to curb them.
  4. Never criticize any government-its rules/legislation etc.
  5. Just be calm while writing, write as if you are the mentor, not a questioner.


We hope this article will help all the IAS students who struggle a lot to find out the correct format of writing an essay and which skills are points can gain you more marks. We would love to hear from you. Please drop your suggestions and experiences after reading this article.

Keep writing!