It is essential to select the best ias coaching in India if you want to prepare for the toughest examination on the earth, i.e. IAS in the regular basis. Everyone has a lot of confusion while selecting the best ias coaching in India for themselves as there are so many options, but there will be only one such institute which will be best and will suit you and serve you the best results.

So to make your hazardous task easy and to make you tension free I have found and listed the parameters which you should adhere before making the final selection of your IAS institute:-

1.Teacher & student Ratio:-

The best teacher and student ratio should be 80:1; i.e. the students should be comfortable in asking their queries and on the other hand the teachers can teach properly and concentrate on each student. In today’s era, there are many institutes which have 300-500 students in one batch and only have one faculty member to teach as well as solve their queries. Please don’t choose such a coaching center because it will seem that you are watching a video rather than taking action in reality.

2.Compact & practical Study Material;-

Next vital parameter is the study material; there are instances that you have to consult the notes and study materials which are provided to you by your coaching center. The study material should be updated and should have the latest answer writing format which would help the students to get accustomed to the new form of answering the questions. Opt for the coaching center which issues a special edition on current affairs which will boost your preparations and save your time.

3.Positive & fresh Ambience:-

If you opt for the regular coaching then around 4- 5 hours, you will be there in the coaching center, so it will matter how the environment of the institute is. It is recommended that the ambiance of the institute should be positive and motivational which would intricate you to focus and study hard. If the environment is not healthy and you are not comfortable, then there will be unnecessary hindrances in your preparations.

4.Experienced & pioneer faculty member:-

Please do some research on the faculty members before joining the institute; you should join a coaching center which has experienced, motivational, and subject matter expert teacher. IAS examination is the mother of all exams, so to study for this exam, you have to study from experienced faculties who know the trick to teach the subjects properly and guide you with the changing trend of the syllabus as well. The teachers should follow the golden standards of teaching which help the student to comprehend each topic minutely.

5.Teaching Mediums:-

Mostly IAS coaching centers teach in English, which is often a problem for Hindi speaking students or who are uncomfortable in studying in English. So it’s better that you join an institute which teaches in both Hindi and English because it might happen that you might have problems in understanding any topic in English and you want an elaborate explanation in English and vice- versa.


Proximity is another factor which should be considered as while choosing the institute. An institute which has branches should be preferred so that you can choose the institute which is in your habitat area. It will reduce your traveling expenses as well as make sure that you reach your class on time.

7.Cost Effective:-

Today there is an infinite number of its coaching centers around India, but please choose the institute which you can afford, unnecessarily don’t invest a lot of money and make your mind occupied with unnecessary tensions. There are centers which have different packages for different courses which you think you should opt for.

I believe that the parameters as mentioned earlier will be beneficial for all the IAS aspirants while choosing the best IAS coaching in India for them.