1.Foremost important part is to thoroughly go through the entire list of the entire Mains optional subject for IAS. Start reading and understanding about each subject and the syllabus with a fresh mind.

2.Try to make up your mind that whether you want to choose that subject which you have already studied in your school or college days or you want to choose altogether a new subject.

3.Now try to find out that whether the list of your favorite subject in it. If yes then decide that whether you want to stick in the subject in whom you have excelled earlier, it’s better to choose that particular subject because you might have getting maximum marks in that subject always attracted you attention.

4.Now focus on your present likes and dislikes about the topics which will ease out the selection barrier, try to focus on the news and current topics which excites you and accordingly choose that particular topic.

5.Make a list of subjects which you really like and you are confident of getting good marks in it. Now select the best optional subject from the shortlisted subjects according to your comfort level, liking and confidence to score good marks in it.

6.Now once you have shortlisted 2-3 subjects from you’re the list, then sit back and ask yourself whether the one chosen subject can hold your interest till the end of the preparations of the examination.

7.Now read the previous year’s question papers of the shortlisted subject and analytically go through the questions related to the.

8.Now check whether you are comfortable with the set of questions for your chosen optional subject, do those questions attract you and you want to know deeper about the subject matter of the selected optional subject.

9.The important part is to find out that whether you can easily get the study material for the subject which you have selected. It is often found that it is difficult to get good books on those subjects and also there is no good coaching for it.

10.If you are opting for Non-technical subjects then you can do self study and you can also prepare really well if you practice writing the answers daily.

11.After going through the above steps or points you might be clear which subject you should take.

12.You finally will be able to select your optional subject.