Mistake made

Overcome 12 mistakes during IAS/UPSC/Civil Services Preparation

You might have read lots of articles which would give you tips on how to prepare to clear UPSC exams but with the knowledge of proper formulation of strategy making for clearing the UPSC exam, it is also essential to know what are the mistakes which an IAS aspirant makes due to which he has to face failure in spite of rigorous hard work. So let’s know those 12 mistakes which a candidate often makes and should eradicate making them immediately to achieve the goal.

  1. To take coaching or not:-

Mostly every candidate has inbuilt thoughts about preparing from the best ias coaching or preparing without coaching. You should never have any substantial notion of coaching as honestly coaching can and cannot be helpful if the candidate’s preparation formation is not adequate. So never get indulge in these thoughts as indirectly or even directly it can hamper your preparations.

  1. Planning without strategy:-

Planning is the benchmark for IAS exam, so planning is done by every IAS aspirant. But have you ever thought why only specific candidates’ preparation is fruitful? The answer to this is that the way of planning differs from candidate to candidate. If your plan is faulty then you have lost half of the battle without fighting, so make plans rather it’s a good idea to have long-term plans, but also have short plans and try to accomplish them in the stipulated period. Once you start achieving success in short plans, it will boost up your confidence and will help you in the long run as well.

  1. Putting the tough topics for last days:-

It’s the worse idea to keep the topic to be prepared at the end period because your energy will be exhausted and you will not be able to prepare with the energy and concentration which is required to understand the tough topics. So always prepare the tough topics beforehand and leave the easy topics for latter.

  1. Giving less importance to all the three stages of examination:-

Prelims, Mains, and Personality test, all these three examinations are important, and if you tend to neglect any of these, then you have to bear the burden of preparing these examinations all over again as only those candidates successfully become IAS who takes and studies for all these three examinations seriously.

  1. Neglecting NCERT books:-

NCERT is the most critical preparatory tool for IAS examination. These books give you the basic knowledge about the topics, and if you neglect these, then you are making a blunder of your life as every year few questions are asked directly from NCERT books.

  1. Relying on many sources:-

Undoubtedly you have to consult numerous books to prepare for the vast syllabus of UPSC. But if you are preparing one topic from many sources then it’s never a good idea as you will only be confused nothing else. You will never be able to prepare that topic properly.

  1. Never solve questions papers:-

Mains paper comprises of essay type questions, and you have three hours time to complete the entire paper. To answer each question perfectly, you should solve previous years question papers and also devote time in answering the questions with fixed time so that you can write the answers correctly in your Mains exams.

  1. Only targeting static topics:-

Please never focus on the static topics as UPSC mostly focuses on the dynamic topics. You have to prepare these dynamic topics analytically and practice to answer these questions a lot because UPSC patterns change every year and it targets the dynamic events.

  1. Spending lots of time on newspapers:-

Reading newspapers daily is very important to clear UPSC exams, but if you are devoting maximum time in your 10-12 hours of studying, then it will not be helpful as you are incorrectly wasting your precious time. Reading newspapers for one hour daily is enough to prepare the current affairs.

  1. Not focusing on the IAS interview:-

Mostly candidates take the personality test or interview very lightly. This is a very big mistake because this round is also very important and to clear it you have to prepare thoroughly.

  1. Getting nervous:-

In spite of rigorous preparation for the entire year if you tend to become nervous while you are giving your examination then all your preparations will go in vain, and you will be shattered completely.

  1. Getting overconfident:-

Often candidates who have excellent academics scores and did well in their mock tests tend to become overconfident, but this is not acceptable as UPSC is a dynamic and tough examination which can only be clear with the calm mind and excellent preparation.

After reading this article, we hope that all the IAS aspirants will never make these mistakes and would work hard to achieve their goals.