Guidelines to prepare IAS Mains Exam for the first –timers

Guidelines to prepare IAS Mains Exam for the first –timers

Every year there is numerous candidates who give the IAS/UPSC examinations, and some luck candidates clear their Prelims in the very first attempt. This achievement is a confidence booster, but the strategy for preparing prelims and mains is not the same, being a first timer please don’t get confused and prepare the Mains exam in the same manner. For mains, you have to be very analytical throughout your preparation and form a strategy through which you can manage all the nine papers which you have to appear in the examination. If you are confused and facing trouble in making your preparation schedule then just follow this article, and we are sure you will land up with all your queries cleared. The following are the guidelines which will help you to prepare for the IAS Mains examination.

1-Prepare a timetable:-

The foremost important step is to prepare a timeline irrespective of what so ever is your target, and the same is applicable for mains, so prepare a strategic timetable. List the dates of your examinations, subjects you want to prepare, timings devoted to each subject. Please don’t forget to allocate a stipulated time for reading the newspaper.

2-Continue to read fundamental books:-

You have read a lot of primary books while preparing for your Prelims exams. Similarly, you have to continue reading the basic books relating to the subjects of your Mains. Best subject to start with is the one which is your favorite as you would love to read more about it before the main preparation. Once you complete reading the fundamental books, you can move to the analytical books of the same subject if and when necessary.

3-Practise solving previous years questions papers:-

While you are reading about a particular subject, try to solve its relevant questions from the previous year’s UPSC question bank. This habit will assist you to prepare more analytically and also provide you the knowledge about the trend of question papers asked in UPSC. Keep in mind that mains is all about answering the questions perfectly as you will be marked according to your written answer rather than your knowledge about the subject. With the preparation continues writing the answers and don’t wait till the completion of your syllabus.

4-Appropriate use of Internet:-

Technology is a blessing if used most appropriately. The Internet is conducive for preparing the IAS examination .there are numerous apps which are recommendable for IAS preparations, even you can read newspapers online regularly, give online mock tests, and get the latest update about the syllabus and questions patterns and many more. So if you want to clear Mains being a first timer, then you have to use the internet most appropriately.

5-Regular Revision:-

Only preparing and solving previous years question papers is not enough if you want to clear mains exam. You have to inculcate the habit of revising on a regular basis or even weekly if you seriously want to clear mains in your first attempt. The regular revision will increase your knowledge, retention, and understanding of the subject in the best way. The thorough revision will help you remember your studies properly as the syllabus is very huge.

Mains examinations are really tough and if you are looking for extra guidance then you can also choose the option of preparing Mains subjects from the best ias coaching in India.

We hope that this article will be very helpful for those who are the first attempters for mains examination. We would love to know your feedback and welcome your suggestions.

Good Luck & Keep Preparing!