How to prepare

Tips to prepare for IAS while working

Every year there are huge number of individuals who start their journey of preparing for the toughest exam under the sun, i.e. IAS exams. UPSC syllabus is very huge and vast, even the exam pattern keeps on changing every year which is always a pleasant surprise to the aspirants. Being the syllabus so extensive, it is really a very big task to complete the entire syllabus even if you are fully dedicated for entire one year. So how should a full time worker prepare for UPSC? Without any doubt and further discussion, these individuals have to devote some extra hours for their preparations and sacrifice addition to the full timer preparators, all this is fine but these individuals have to study with full dedication and should have a clear idea how to channelize their studies. If you a working professional and want to prepare for UPSC exams in the most positive result-oriented manner , then go through the following tips which will cent percent provide you best results possible:-

  1. Prepare a fixed timetable:-

Around 8-9 hours of your day time will be devoted towards working and travelling so you will only have 3 hours to study on weekdays. So to utilize this 3 hours in the most beneficial manner you have to prepare a practical time table and have to follow very rigidly if you passionately want to clear IAS examination. Once you have a time table then gradually you will work according to it. Once you develop a habit of following the time table honestly then likewise you can also prepare weekly and monthly time table to complete your syllabus in the stipulated time.

  1. Be well versed with the UPSC syllabus:-

Like the full time preparators, who don’t have ample time in your hands, so be very careful what you are studying and how much time you devote for studying each topic. You have to familiar with the topics and at least make sure you know something of everything from the syllabus. Once you focus on the current affairs, align them to the topics of the syllabus only.

  1. Bifurcate the important topics:-

It is advised that you note which topics are important and which are not. As you have less time for preparation so it is important that you leave the irrelevant or less important topics. You can surely have a command over this if you read the previous year’s question papers, for being in the safer side, consult at least previous 10 years question papers.

  1. Follow limited books:-

Another important tip is to follow few books and study from them only for preparing for IAS. It is mandatory to understand the questions correctly and then answer them. If you follow only the recommended books then you will surely never get confused while your preparation?

  1. Choose your optional with proper research:-

It is great idea to choose the optional subject about which you have knowledge or you have studies in your graduation, this will save your time as well as make you free from putting in more dedication if you choose a subject about which you are not knowledgeable.

  1. Practice answer writing:-

Only studying is not essential to get good grades you also have to practice answer writing and also give mock and online tests in interval, this will make you aware about your preparations statistics. Remember one thing the aspirants whose dreams are fulfilled who often ones who practice a lot of answer writing with their preparations, so you have to take out some time from busy schedule and devote time for this.

We hope now all your queries are solved and now the working professionals as well can start their preparations in the most streamline manner by focusing on the tips mentioned in the article and for additional assistance you can also join the weekend classes in the best ias coaching in India.