How to Clear Civil Services Exam/UPSC/IAS Exam without Regular Coaching

Civil Services exams are known as mother of all exams in India. If you are passionate about becoming an IAS officer then remember one thing that you have to be very determined and hardworking. To clear civil services exams without joining any ias coaching in India, you have to follow and possess practical strategy and in-depth knowledge. Coaching institutes will give you study materials and proper guidance but you have to do everything by yourself.

It totally depends upon the student whether he/she wants to prepare by themselves or through the institute. If you are confident, motivated, hard working, passionate and with little good luck you can clear civil services exam without coaching. There are many aspirants who have done it.

If you decide to prepare without the ias coaching in India then you have to prepare a strategic time table and honestly stick to it, rather than blindly following a guide book. Hard work with intense diligence will surely give you success but if due to any reason you are unsuccessful and think that things could have been better if you could have taken the aid of coaching centre, then it’s never late you can join a coaching and reappear for the exam.

The following are the strategies which will help you to clear civil services exam without taking ias coaching:-

1-Get insight about the syllabus:-

The best way to clear your civil services exam is through knowing the syllabus in details, once you are abreast with your syllabus, then you have to make a timetable which is practical, and you are sure of following it till your preparations are not completed.

2-Acquaintance with the NCERT books:-

These NCERT books are studied by all the IAS aspirants to get a clear idea about any subject matter. Mostly NCERT books from class 8- 12 are consulted for making notes as well.

3-Inculcate a habit of the reading newspaper:-

Reading newspaper regularly will help you to keep you connected with the happenings across the globe. You should read Hindu and Indian Express newspapers daily and while reading them start highlighting the main points and simultaneously make notes as well.

4-Solve Question Bank:-

At least last 10-15 years question papers you have to solve for clearing IAS exams. As you will be solving the question banks that will become aware of the patterns of the questions asked, the important topics on which there are more questions asked. You will notice that your confidence level will arise and you will be no longer nervous by getting the huge question paper in hand for solving.

5-Select the best books for each topic:-

Never follow many books on the same topic as this will only increase tension and confusion as you will not be sure if a part is important and irrelevant as well. So make notes from the books which you think are important and then prepare that topic from the prepared notes.

6-Stick to your made notes:-

While making your notes, there is brainstorming which is very good for preparations as once you are making notes you will consult lots of books and in this manner, you will be preparing the topic in the best manner.


Today all the important notifications, news, subject matter expert tips and explained notes and write-ups are available which are very useful for preparing for your exams. So with the books also use the internet as the mode of your preparations.

8-Important magazines;-

Newspapers reading are important, but the magazine is also vital for your preparations. Some of the important magazines for civil services preparations are Civil Services Chronicle, Kurukshetra , Economic, and Political Weekly, Frontline, India Today, The Economist.

9-Optional Paper:-

There are many optional papers, and you have to select the paper in which you are best and love to study it.

10-Free period of the day:-

Whenever you are free to try to know more about the current affairs and join the groups through which you can improve your English grammar.

We feel that this article is like a boom for those you struggle how to prepare for civil services exam without ias coaching in India, we have tried out level best to provide you with all the possible strategies which will make your preparations easy and smooth, but still if you have any query you can just drop it below in the comments box.

Take Care!