Best optional choice


You have to choose the optional subject very analytically as this subject can lead you to achieve your dreams. The subject should incite you and also give you more marks.

The following are parameters on which optional subject should be selected:-

  1. Compact syllabus
  2. Study material can be availed easily
  3. Interesting subject matter and should incite you
  4. Marks can be scored easily
  5. Experienced guidelines should be available

The three subjects named as Geography, Political Science and Public Administration has evolved as most scoring and popular optional subjects for IAS Mains paper. All these three subjects are enriched with their own distinctive advantages

So let’s go through them one by one:-


Advantages of Geography as an Optional subject:-

  1. This subject is rational, have logic and possess scientific approach which is not found in other Arts subjects.
  2. This subject can be chosen by engineers and students who doesn’t belong to arts back ground.
  3. It is mostly read while preparing for GS Paper-1 and also in many topics of GS Paper-3 of Mains paper.
  4. You can easily get the study material of this subject from the market or from any best IAS coaching
  5. There are more chances of getting good score as this subject is mostly based on diagram’s which for sure will fetch you more marks.
  6. Even at the time of your personal interview you can use its relevant examples and upgrade the weight age of your interview.


Political Science

Advantages of Political Science as an Optional Subject:-

  1. Any student who wants to clear prelims has to study Indian Polity in details.
  2. If you wish to take Political Science as your optional subject then you have to study Governance and Indian polity along with International Relations this will save your time to study other topics for your examination.
  3. So after studying these topics together, Prelims and Mains both topics will be studied thoroughly by the political science student and this will surely be an additional benefit while preparing for IAS.
  4. As UPSC is planning to incur up gradation in the syllabus of the General studies have provided the students to score more marks in this subject.
  5. It is seen that even the students who does not belong to political science background have scored pretty well in the examination.
  6. In the recent updated syllabus there have been eradication of the factual sections of the subject and now only the conceptual part is left to be studied, which is far of easier than the former. Now the answers writing will be easier and will surely tend to increase your score.
  7. We you practice answers writing then this habit will also be beneficial for answering the questions of the general studies papers.


There is a myth that political science have a huge syllabus and its very time consuming to study the entire the syllabus while managing the other part of the syllabus. But all this is not true; following is the facts which prove it.

  1. There is repetition of many topics, for example- Gramsi, Marxism, Marxist, Marx, concept of state.
  2. Many topics are related with each other such as- Bentham and Liberal notions of state, justice, Thoughts of Mill, democracy, all these topics are connected to each other.
  3. Certain topics and ideas are identical in Paper 1 and 2 i.e. ideas of Liberalism, Feminism, Marxism, and new social problems and evolving movements like democracy, human rights and environment.
  4. Last but the most important this intricate knowledge about the governance, Polity and International relations are very beneficial at the time of the interview as you don’t have to prepare anything extra.

Public Administration

Advantages of Public Administration as an Optional Subject:-

  1. Public Administration has comparatively less and compact syllabus.
  2. The study material can be easily grabbed and it’s mostly compact.
  3. This subject is known to be the most opted optional subject as it can fetch you more marks, so you can easily get any updated guidelines about this subject from any source.
  4. As the subject is based on the logic and scientific facts so it becomes easy to prepare it in less time.
  5. If you choose this subject then you will be having more time for preparing the rest of the syllabus which will for sure give you more marks.
  6. Apparently, Public Administration is the most popular and reliable optional subject in the Civil Service Examination.