About Us

Hi everyone,

I am a common person with many dreams. The most important and passionate dream of mine was to become an IAS officer, which could not be achieved due to multiple reasons. It was the worst time of my life when I witnessed to see my dream collapse because of numerous reasons which led to the disruption of my dream. But today I am in a sound position financially and emotionally and have decided to start a blog which will be beneficial to all the IAS aspirants.

What you can expect from the blog?

I will try to solve all the queries, questions and difficulties faced by the IAS aspirants while preparing for the mother of all the examination and achieving their dreams. As I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and negligence, I don’t want others to do the same mistakes. So I have started this blog where all the IAS aspirants can discussion their problems like,-preparation centered, social, emotional, and psychological and any other hindrance which is forming a block between them and their dreams.

This blog will provide all the IAS crackers all the relevant information which should be known by all the IAS aspirants. I will try my level best to provide the detailed and analytical knowledge and guidelines about this examination and also try to help the aspirants to stay positive during the war between their life and dream.

I will update the blog on a daily basis with the important information, suggestions and tips which will surely help the aspirants to achieve their dreams in less time.

I want all the IAS aspirants to feel free and drop any question or problem which they are facing while their preparation. As I myself have been a part of this tough preparatory journey I know it’s very difficult to manage your family, friends and yourself, but now there is no need to worry as I am here to solve your issues, your friend –problem solver.

The sole purpose of this blog is to let IAS aspirants achieve their dreams irrespective of all the hurdles which come between them and their goals. As I couldn’t achieve my dream, but  if my suggestions and guidance can let other achieve their dreams then I will be very overwhelmed and contended.

Content of the blog:-

  1. Current affair of the day.
  2. Tip of the day.
  3. Top 5 institutes for IAS coaching in all metropolitans.
  4. Discussion of different subjects each day.
  5. Information regarding the latest news about IAS examination.

Apart from the above content if any IAS cracker wants to know more information regarding any topic of the syllabus or require any assistance then they can surely drop me the query in the comment box or can mail me at iascoachinginindia@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to solve your queries.

So IAS achievers, just give it your best shot, and remember the Mountain Dew slogan, Dar kea age jeet hai, so just kick it hard, and I will always be there like a shadow with you for achieving your dream.

Good Luck!