10 Features of the Best Essay for IAS Mains

Essay Type of questions is asked in the Mains exams which is the second tier in the IAS exam. There are numerous IAS coaching centers in India which offer extensive Essay writing a course to fetch excellent marks in your mains IAS exam.

Best UPSC coaching in India depicts that the essay type answers are the part of the selection process because through the essay the examiner can know the writing and thinking abilities of the candidate, how the candidate decides to address to the problem and what is the ways through which she/he decides to curtail it.

It is very essential that you get proper training and practice a lot of writing assignments before your final IAS exams and then get it checked by the experts. If you are unable to inculcate the skills to write the best essay then its better that you enroll yourself in the best civil services institute in India.

In this article, we will be discussing the top ten features which should be included in your essay which will definitely make it one of the best essays for IAS mains exam and will fetch you more marks as well.

  1. The views should be supporting your argument in the essay.
  2. A multidimensional and integrated view should be presented for the attempted topic.
  3. The entire essay should be well organized should be divided into 3 parts- Introduction, body, and conclusion. All the three parts should be written properly keeping in mind what should be mentioned and where. Some of the top IAS institutes offers extensive programmes on essay writing which is really good and recommend to be joined if you really want to write excellent essays.
  4. The essay should be written properly and have to be synchronized well mannered so that all the points are interconnected and it should not be sounded like haphazardly written and inserted just to show off that how good is your English vocabulary.
  5. Irrelevant and detailed points are never entertained because it tends to make the answers unnecessarily out of track and lengthily. Please understand that the examiner is keen to know what you know about the topic and how well you can express your thoughts, decisions, arguments or suggestions in your own words.
  6. When you desire to change the paragraph then keep in mind that the following next paragraph should be connecting to the former because if you are writing without any flow then there is no meaning of writing the essay because there are chances that you may get into the wrong track which will fetch you low marks.
  7. You should be 100% specific which means that you should only extend any point if it’s necessary; there should be no vagueness, ambiguity or haphazard content. If you are mentioning any quote then try to mention who quoted the quote so that your answer looks specific and it also portrays that you are well versed with whatever you are writing. Though the IAS coaching institutes train the candidates to insert the quotes but are sure that there is a requirement of quote insertion because unnecessarily inserting of the quotes can be harmful to you.
  8. Examiner always welcomes the opinions which are independent, and unbiased. Try to write in simple English with error-free content. This is what makes a perfect essay.
  9. If you are opposing or agreeing to the point, then be sure that you are mentioning relevant points favoring your choice. All the points should be written in an assertive tone and don’t try to be rigid or determined at any point of your essay.
  10. A reader should be kept engaged and he should enjoy reading your essay then only there are chances that you can get good marks in your mains exams. So write the content with interesting facts so that it can hold up the reader till the end of your essay.